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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Item 46: No Social Media

I did it! I stayed off of social media for a whole week, and it was an amazing feeling! I didn't think it would be so easy considering I'm still not working, and normally sit at home a lot.  I usually don't get out of bed, or go to sleep at night without checking my Instagram or Facebook.  But without it, I was getting out of bed sooner, being more productive throughout the day, and going to bed earlier too.  I really was feeling quite addicted, it was controlling my life in a way. It's easy to spend hours browsing Instagram, or checking on old friends via their FB. So instead I found other ways to keep busy. Here's the run down of what I've been up to for the past week without social media:

  • Thursday: watched a little TV, walked the dogs, went to Ulta for some much needed bronzer, then Target for other essentials, went to the gym, dyed my hair, went to dinner with the group, then our favorite new bar. Very busy day!
  • Friday: got my hair fixed (I will not do it myself ever again), went to lunch with the hubby, then did a little shopping together, picked up a b-day present, read Little Bee, went out for milk shakes.
  • Saturday: house cleaning, sent present, grocery shopping, read, made S'mores Pie, dinner, and early to bed!
  • Sunday: went on a little road trip up north and on a hike (4 hours, 5 miles, and 15,900 steps) with Frankie and crew, then came home, read, and sat in the sun with the dogs, scrubbed the showers, laundry.
  • Monday: mini workout, Tanger outlets in Severville with Katie, then BBQ with Katie & Daniel, enjoyed sun & wine with great friends!
  • Tuesday: Played with dogs (my 2 plus our guest Cooper), made crock-pot corned beef & cabbage (traditional St. Patricks day meal), read, took a much needed nap, went to lake w/ Cooper, ate dinner, then to Irish Times for St. Patty's Day celebration!
  • Wednesday: Worked on today's blog, finished reading Little Bee, studied for ambulance drivers license test, set up interview for Paramedic position at Rural Metro, Knoxville, signed up for organ & tissue donor program, gym, library for new book.
Overall, I really think it did me good to stay off social media. I was very productive, and felt a sense of freedom and calm without the senseless pressure on myself to occasionally post, or to continuously monitor the lives of my friends & acquaintances.  Don't get me wrong, I did miss seeing some IG posts, and I'm very curious as to what my news feed will be buzzing with, but I really do need to cut back.  Maybe even just cut back on who I follow on both.  I honestly would love to only be FB friends w/ close friends and family, I hate feeling pressured to friend every person I've ever known, not that I don't care about you or that I don't want to acknowledge you, I just want to simplify my social media life.  Or maybe I'll cut back to only check in on Sunday's... Anyway, I'm happy to be back, but I will probably be on a lot less now. Cheers!

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