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Sunday, February 15, 2015

A (is for Alabama) Wreath!

So we've all seen lots of pretty wreaths created for all occasions on Pinterest, and of course you can buy them pre-made on etsy or at your local craft store, but since I have a creative gene, of course I had a to make one for myself! Its not perfect, but it was my first go at wreath making, and I had fun making it. Here is the finished project: 

I got all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby for around $50, the most expensive part being the ribbon, which I have a lot left over, plus the sign, pen, and wreath form are all re-useable.  I got a 16" form, but I could have gotten a size smaller if I didn't have the chalk board sign hanging in the middle.  

I initially started it with just the red 5 ½" decco mesh ribbon, but it was too bare, so I added the black burlap ribbon. I also used several printed ribbons in Alabama themed colors to fill in the wreath. I used just one spool of each with some left overs for other Alabama themed crafts!

Wired houndstooth 2 ½ " and wired red satin 1 ½"
cut into approx. 6" strips and tied together with
pipe cleaners cut with room to attach to wreath.
⅞" Ribbon in black, and red & white
polka-dots, and ⅝" houndstooth ribbon cut
to varying lengths.
The whole project wasn't difficult, its just a matter of deciding a theme, picking the coordinating pieces, and putting it together was the easiest part.  There are several ways to do it, and many Pinterest boards on how to do it, but all I did was gather, bunch, attach and repeat! 
I stacked the red deco mesh burlap on the black burlap mesh, and attached it to the form at the cross points.  Starting at any point on the inside loop, gathering about 6" of ribbon each time, and using a houndstooth & red satin loop with red pipe cleaner (which I cut in half) to attach.  I attached at every cross section, but only added the ribbon every other time. I went around the inside loop, then did the same on the outside loop, attaching the ribbon at the opposite cross sections the second time around. After the meat of the wreath was attached, I added the stacks of strips with black pipe cleaner at random places to the wreath form. Again, this is my first wreath, so its not perfect, but I had fun making it and will definitely be making more in the future. Also, I made the wreath a few months ago, and I didn't take the picture of the finished project until today, after it's been squished between my door and glass screen, so it really was prettier when I first made it. 

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