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Thursday, February 19, 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days

So in honor of coming back to the blogging world 1000 days after my first blog, I am joining the 101 things in 1001 days challenge (aka Day Zero Project).  Call me crazy (I may be just a tad, it runs in my family), but why the heck not?  Some things are simple things I would like to add to my life, some are career goals, others are definitely more fun and adventurous.  Hopefully my friends and family will appreciate the list, and if I can inspire just 1 person to make a list of their own, then that will complete my 100th item on the list!  Here's the link to my list, and where you can go to be inspired to create a list of your own. www.dayzeroproject.com 

So starting today, February 19, 2015, and ending November 16, 2017 
I hope to accomplish these 101 things: 
(Wish me luck!)
  1. Read 20 books suggested by friends:
    1. Deception Point by Dan Brown (from Lesley)
    2. Little Bee by Chris Cleave (from Kelley)
    3. Unbroken by Jamie Lisa Forbes (from Shelby)
  2. Make a family tree for myself
  3. Make a family tree for my husband
  4. Take a girls trip to Cancun
  5. Sleep under the stars
  6. No fast food for a month  February 7, 2015 - March and still going...
  7. See 10 classic movies I've never seen (or have forgotten)
    1. Casablanca
    2. Silence of the Lamb
    3. Schindler's List
  8. Complete a coloring book
  9. Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor
  10. Make Sourdough bread from scratch
  11. Take a train ride through the Smokies
  12. Go to a midnight movie premier
  13. Do the 200 squat challenge 
  14. Go to a music festival
  15. Give up alcohol for Lent  (I was pregnant for Lent, that counts right?)
  16. Give up caffeine for a month (not including chocolate) (Also gave up for most of pregnancy)
  17. Try a new recipe each week from my stack of cookbooks and magazines
  18. Complete 100 Blogs ( 2 down 98 to go!)
  19. Update my blog
  20. Become a CCT Paramedic (I need 2 years experience as a paramedic first)
  21. Become a flight medic (I need 2 years experience, plus my CCT)
  22. Become an ACLS & PALS instructor (These will also help me become a flight medic)
  23. Attend a NASCAR race (Hubbs will enjoy this!)
  24. Go to an Alabama Football game at Bryant Denny Stadium
  25. Go to Disney World & Universal Studios Orlando
  26. Sign up for a month of kickboxing <-- I took it a step further and became a kickboxing instructor!
  27. Sign up for a month of Barre classes
  28. Sew something for myself to wear
  29. Sew something for someone else to wear < Made Ronnie a Halloween Costume!
  30. Complete a mini triathalon
  31. Pay off credit cards monthly < Did this by the end of 2017, but trying to get back to it.
  32. Try 10 new restaurants in Knoxville: Here are some off the top of my head, i'm only listing the ones i actually like, and would return to.
    1. Mellow Mushroom (wasn't a fan of the Mushroom soup or my cheese Calzone)
    2. Taste of Thai (this place was packed for lunch on a Friday, I ordered take out and it was amazing!)
    3. Tom + Chee (short for grilled cheese and tomato soup. A comfort food favorite of mine, but I was not at all impressed with their soup (I prefer the Safeway or Kroger house tomato bisque), and was annoyed that I couldn't order just a grilled gouda sandwich. This place was a bust)
    4. The Chop House (Wow! Lots of TN locations, as well as Georgia, and Kentucky. I had the prime rib sandwich with a house salad, it was a perfect lunch!)
    5. Asia Cafe (decent sushi spot near my new house. It's easy, we get it togo mostly due to baby)
    6. Gru Jo's (German style restaurant.  Decent and different, kind of greasy, like bar food, but made from scratch.  Moved then closed)
    7. Oscar's Tacos (Located on the strip near the UT campus. This is THE best place to get tacos in Knoxville!  The closest thing to a Taqueria west of the Mississippi. LOL)
    8. The Burgers (Took over location of GruJo's.  Great burger, close to home, fries are amazing! I had the Knox burger and will definitely have it again!)
    9. Balter Beerworks (Delicious food, great beer, fun atmosphere, close to downtown!)
    10. Duck Donuts (Well, I've become a lover of the donut, but not just any donut, these donuts! I don't go often, because i'm too lazy and they usually have a line, but man are they delicious! Made to order, cake donuts, yum!)
  33. Family reunion in a new place
  34. Go to New York
  35. Visit each of the 13 original colonies: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
  36. Take mom on a vacation < We drove to TN and flew to CA together does that count?
  37. Buy a house < As of September 1st 2017 we are homeowners!
  38. Try SUP yoga
  39. Complete 1000 hours of volunteer work
  40. Weekend backpacking trip
  41. Save $1 a day for 1001 days and buy a purse or shoes with it
  42. Buy a bedroom set
  43. Paint something < Painted Ronnie's bedroom furniture
  44. Create a craft room
  45. No Starbucks for 100 days... Yikes, this might be tough! <Easy peasy now that I actually don't even like their coffee.
  46. Stay off all social media for a week (Starting March 12 @ midnight to March 19)
  47. Make dinner every night for a week 
  48. Give up bread for a month
  49. Go someplace new once a month: 
  50. Take a weekend trip to someplace new alone
  51. Buy a piece of nice jewelry for myself on my birthday < I've bought a couple not too expensive things
  52. Make an iTunes playlist of my 100 favorite songs
  53. Buy an ugly piece of furniture and bring it to life <Painted a plain white crib to match furniture
  54. Make art out of wine bottles
  55. Buy a houseplant  Check out my Houseplant post! Bought plant 3/9/15
  56. Buy a diffuser
  57. Make something with essential oils
  58. Make a body scrub < I have a coconut oil, brown sugar, honey scrub I use on my lips!
  59. Complete the 52 week money challenge
  60. Take family photos
  61. Paint the globe (I have a faded globe that could use some love)
  62. Buy a dutch oven
  63. Go to a tea room
  64. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  65. Shred junk mail and keep it going Yay! Got this done 2/26
  66. Visit KJ in St. Louis: April 26th here I come!
  67. Get a hot stone massage
  68. Renew vows some place romantic for 10 year anniversary
  69. Go to the Kentucky Derby (Kentucky) (Wearing a floral dress & big hat of course!)
  70. Always kiss my husband goodnight
  71. Anonymously send flowers to a friend in need
  72. Visit The Lost Sea in Craighead Caverns (Tennessee)
  73. Go to the Parthenon in Nashville (Tennessee)
  74. Go zip lining in Gatlinburg
  75. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years (make it an email: thanks Future Me)
  76. Answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind"
  77. Raise money for Alzheimer's Association: Walk 9/26/15 Knoxville
  78. Start an EMS journal
  79. Pay it forward < Bought coffee for someone in drive through
  80. Go on a dinner cruise < Brother came to visit, we took mom for Mother's day
  81. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean < Miami, FL 9/2016
  82. See a play at the Tennessee Theatre < The Book of Mormon 7.10.18
  83. Host a game night! Who loves Cards Against Humanity?
  84. Go wine tasting in Tennessee
  85. Add to my Elephant collection <Ronnie has a few elephants in his collection
  86. Rent a cabin in Gatlinburg in fall
  87. Give a 100% tip
  88. Make a pie on Pi day Made this amazing S'mores Pie!
  89. Have dinner by candlelight
  90. No TV for a week
  91. Learn about a new disease each month:
    • Feb. Phlebitis 
    • March
    • April
  92. Make a new dessert every month: 
  93. Work on calligraphy writing < I'm not very good at this, I'll stick to blogging
  94. Go on a family vacation
  95. Send more cards just because
  96. Overcome a personal challenge
  97. Visit Amanda in Atlanta, GA
  98. Weekend in Memphis
  99. Reach my weight lifting goal
  100. Inspire somebody to start their own day zero project
  101. Throw a party for completing the list! Still working on it...

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